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Hello. I’m Nate Trudeau


Logo Design
Editorial Design
Image Making



What I do

I am a Baltimore-based graphic designer. My goal is to create meaningful and impactful design for my clients and their audience.

 I believe that great work comes from building great relationships. I work one on one with my clients and collaborate with them every step of the way.

Who I am

I’m first and foremost a Christian who chose to be a designer. I use my design and travel experience to support brands in telling their stories through visual design. My primary field of design is logo, brand identity, packaging design, and illustrations. Constant exploration is significant in my works; this allows each project to take on a new angle that hasn’t been made before. I am in various design techniques and I like using custom illustrations in my designs. When not working in front of my computer I can be found sketching and brainstorming, seeking inspiration in antique stores and art museums, and taking weekend trips around the U.S. with my wife.